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Mineral therapy

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MARINE CALCIUM wrap (30 minutes)
Calcium is essential for the human body, especially in the formation and strengthening of
bones and teeth, it plays a role and regulates the balance of the body’s pH and it is stored
in the muscles and activates muscle function.

MARINE CALCIUM bath (20 minutes)
Detoxifies the body and recharges it with calcium. Nervous tension decreases and the skin regains its elasticity and softness.

MARINE MAGNESIUM wrap (30 minutes)
Thalion is an exclusive 100% seaweed cure with high absorption of magnesium. Sea magnesium absorbed through the skin achieves a calming effect faster, helping to remove toxins.

MARINE MAGNESIUM bath (20 minutes)
The body is gradually filled with magnesium, nervous tensions relax. Stress relief, relaxation, this sea magnesium concentration restores the balance and harmony of the body. A real source of muscle relaxation, which is another effect in addition to the soothing and wellness effects.