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Széchenyi Thermal Bath acquires EuropeSpa International Quality Certificate

In recent years Széchenyi Thermal Bath has won many awards and qualifications. In 2017 – first among the baths in Budapest – it acquired the “EuropeSpa” international quality certificate in the “Thermal spa” category.

The EuropeSpa qualification system was developed through an initiative of the European Spas Association (ESPA). Today it is the ESPA’s official quality system for medical spa and wellness. EuropeSpa provides technically profound orientation and transparency in the European market for medical spa and wellness, promoting reliable service providers among the European thermal baths and providing visitors a guarantee of high quality of services at a level that meets the professional standards.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool, winner of the Hungarian Quality Product Award and named the Best International Medical Thermal Bath by the International Medical Travel Journal’s Medical Travel Awards 2016, is one of the largest bath complexes in Europe. Built in a classicist style between 1909 and 1913, the medicinal waters of the bath are sourced from a depth of 1,246 metres, its temperature being 76 °C. A model of this building can currently be seen at the ”Mini Europe” exhibition in Brussels as part of Hungary’s contribution. The entrance ticket includes a number of wellness services in addition to the traditional balneological services. The bath welcomes over 1,500,000 guests a year, increasing the number of international visitors especially from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazahstan), and maintaining the number of visitors from Western Europe, such as France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The 60% of tourists visiting Budapest are eager to relax in one of the beautiful, historical baths.

Budapest is one of the most attractive and exciting cities in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the few capitals in the world where thermal springs can be found, so the city is called the Spa Capital of the World for a good reason and no visit to Budapest is complete without winding-down in one of the baths.