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Please find below the map of pools and saunas below the list.

Outdoor pools
Thermal area
P1 Thermal pool 38 oCP10 Indoor swimming pool 28 oC
P2 Swimming pool (lap pool) 26 oC
P11 Crescent pool 34 oC
P3 Leisure pool 34 oCP12 Rectangular pool 38 oC
P13 Sqaure pool 38 oC
Steam areaP14 Rectangular pool 30 oC
P4 Cold plunge 20 oCP15 Octogon pool 36 oC
P5 Hot plunge 40 oCP16 Cold plunge 20 oC
P6 Rectangular pool 35 oC

Medical area (only with prescription)

P7 Crescent pool 38 oCP17 Medical fitness pool 30 oC
P8 Octogon pool 36 oCP18 Weight pool 34 oC
P9 Cold plunge 18 oCP19 Semicircular pool 32 oC


S1 Volcano saunaS6 Salt inhalation steam bath
S2 Event saunaS7 Aquarium steam
S3 Dante saunaS8 Steam bath
S4 Aroma saunaS9 Salt inhalation chamber
S5 Aroma saunaS10 Phoenix sauna