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Special Summer Offers

Special Summer Offer
INTENSE MARINE SLIMMING BODY treatment with deep heat thermal blanket (45 minutes)

Bikini season is here. Get in shape too!

Double-effect body treatment: gets your figure in shape and harmonizes your body.

During this treatment we cover your body completely with Laminaria brown algae concentrate obtained from the sea, which is famous for its slimming power. The minerals and trace elements found in algae stimulate the metabolism and activate fat burning, thus helping shape shaping. We mostly recommend this treatment for our female guests, any time of year, but in the summer months we highly recommend it. The steps of the treatment are the following:
scrub (15'), activator cream (5'), wrap (10'), relaxation with a deep warm thermal blanket (15')

PRICE: 27.000 HUF


The purchase of the treatment does not entitle you to a separate entrance, it is only valid together with the entrance to the spa.

Please arrive at the spa 60 minutes before the scheduled time.


Spring renewal


Surrender yourself to spring energies and let us pamper you in a luxurious environment.

Our facial and décolletage massage with Anti-aging premium skin-tightening oil deeply hydrates, relaxes, and fills the skin with new energy. This is no ordinary facial treatment. Our qualified massage therapists use Swedish massage techniques enriched with cosmetic techniques, for a greater tightening effect.

PRICE: 9.900 HUF


It does not entitle you to enter by itself, it is only valid together with a valid bath ticket! Please arrive 60 minutes before the treatment.