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Sauna rituals

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What are sauna rituals? And the sauna seance? The sauna program? And what is the difference between these?

Right at the beginning, we lift the veil from a linguistic secret: which is Aufguss in German, in other countries it is sauna seance, session, ritual or program - so these words are exactly the same thing, there is not any difference between them.

This is nothing more than a 12-15-minute guided program in the sauna, led by a qualified sauna master. The primary task of the sauna master is to maximize and supplement the benefits of the sauna. To achieve this, he/she evaporates water, ice and various essential oils, strokes the body and soul of the sauna lovers with various air streams of different directions and strengths, and knows a lot of little tricks and practices to further enhance well-being.


good to know

In December 2005, more than 15 years ago, something new came to the classic, soothing, relaxing world of sauna rituals from South Tyrol, region of Italy and spread in the sauna world.

The cheerful sauna masters began to run more entertaining rituals that are a real community experience. The cheerful ritual accompanied by music and light attracted more and more guests, and the younger age groups also started to use saunas. Being a sauna master has become a kind of sport and performing art - and extremely entertaining.

According to health awareness, natural materials and scents, which have now become one of the pillars of the profession, appeared in the sauna. And even if this is not enough, during some rituals, we can clean, hydrate, and peel our body with the natural materials such as honey, salt and other specialties, provided by the sauna master.

During the rituals the benefical effects of the sauna are much more enforced: it recharges the body and the soul, supports the immune system, strengthens the heart and vascular system, relaxes, has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, cleanses and cares for skin, detoxifies and also has a stress relieving effect.



Experience the bliss of our sauna rituals - an innovative and rejuvenating journey for holistic relaxation and well-being.

Our unique sauna rituals are designed to promote deep relaxation, relieve stress, and enhance overall health. Treat yourself to this revitalizing experience and discover the perfect harmony of mind, body, and soul. Natural health support, professional sauna masters, good music, happy company, wonderful atmosphere!

Original Loylymasters essential oils from Belgium
Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance, enriched with natural scents, gentle heat, and harmonious melodies. Let the therapeutic warmth of the sauna envelop you as you unwind and detoxify your body and mind.

During our programs, our qualified sauna masters help our guests reach the perfect sauna experience. 

We strive for maximum harmony in the choice of both music and essential oils, during the program the sauna master uses a fanning towel to channel the heat and make the performance spectacular.

The rituals have a beneficial effect on our body: through its skin and cell renewal effect, it makes the skin firmer, strengthens the immune system, improves our circulation and helps reduce stress. Who doesn’t need that? 

During the rituals the sauna and the showers are bathing suit free (use of a sheet/towel is required), but the other saunas are not bathing suit free.

Sauna rituals are free of charge.