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Thalasso therapy

sea experience

Immerse in the ocean and enjoy its beneficial effects.

During the thalasso therapy we pamper you with various wraps and combinations of these, using healing and nourishing sea minerals, trace elements, algae and mud. These special materials are provided by Thalion, a company at the forefront of thalasso therapy. This company processes the most valuable algae in the world’s largest natural algae colony off the coast of Bretagne, France, with a view to nature and the environment.

Thalion body treatments provide a source of physical and mental harmony, relaxation and serenity. Real beauty rituals that can be applied completely personalized and offer the best solution to satisfy every need. For body treatments, we use sea cosmetics that has all the beneficial effects of the sea and the best quality algae.




sea experience

MARINE ENERGY WRAP (45 minutes) - available only at the Private Spa
After the sea salt exfoliation ritual, the body is covered with a layer of seawater gel, which, when gently heated, brings the wealth of natural minerals into the body, revitalizing and regenerating the skin. The treatment ends with a rest in a warm thermal blanket.
peeling (15'), wrap (15'), relax (15')


BACK RELAXATION (45 minutes)
After a purifying scrub, the marine mud releases its benefits and its soothing heat. The final massage, with its slow and deep manipulations, bit by bit relieves tension in the neck and back. A delightful moment of relaxation.
peeling (15’), body wrap (15’), massage (15’)




sea experience


INTENSE MARINE SLIMMING BODY treatment with deep heat thermal blanket (45 minutes)
Double-effect body treatment: gets your figure in shape and harmonizes your body.
During this treatment we cover your body completely with Laminaria brown algae concentrate obtained from the sea, which is famous for its slimming power. The minerals and trace elements found in algae stimulate the metabolism and activate fat burning, thus helping shape shaping. For the body treatment, we give you a cellulite control cream as a gift, which you can apply to the desired body parts at the end of the spa visit or at home, thus increasing the effectiveness. We mostly recommend this treatment for our female guests, any time of year, but in the summer months we highly recommend it. The steps of the treatment are the following:
scrub (15'), activator cream (5'), wrap (10'), relaxation with a deep warm thermal blanket (15')





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